About us

The MBBS Study Abroad is very diverse and dynamic. Therefore, we bring the intelligent way to become a doctor and study MBBS in foreign universities, which is profitable and approved by the Medical Council of India and the World Health Organization. Many students go abroad to pursue MBBS courses in Russia and MBBS in Ukraine, where annual fees do not exceed 2 to 3 Lakh per year (including pension fees), with no hidden fees.
Natheducation is made up of a staff of outstanding education professionals, as well as professionals from different areas who, sharing ideals and aspirations, contribute their knowledge and dedication to forming a collaborative network that contributes to the distribution of knowledge, disseminates educational technology and sow values. Study abroad is reality. Discover our website and get excellent education!
Natheducation is one of the most recognized consultancy firms in the international panorama of the educational world.
Among the assets that have positioned him at the forefront of his sector are the experience, flexibility and willingness of his partners and team.


We solve admissions problems, take a consultative approach to each student engagement and find practical solutions that will help you get the best medical university. Students trust natheducation because our partner schools and programs appear organically in their search results, and schools rely on Keystone because our team of international specialists is always working to make stronger and expand the novelty that offer the ideal marketing and enrolment solutions for the student. At natheducation, our passion for international higher education forms the core of our commitment to finding the right solutions to your needs, and we are excited to be alongside your school as a confidential partner in the ever growing sector of global medical education.
  • Honesty
  • Ethics
  • Responsibility
  • Commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Clarity
  • Quality in the service.

Our mission

Natheducation is an independent international organization. Our primary mission is to help talented people educate themselves around the world and help them become successful professionals through pre-university, undergraduate, graduate, and professional education programs. Provide quality, with a focus on the undergraduate experience. Our community environments improve the quality of student life and allow students to access and interact with their faculty. We value the diversity of natheducation community, and we strive to attune ourselves and our programs to our global, pluralistic society. We share the belief that humane and environmentally sound economic and social development derive from the expansion, diffusion, and application of knowledge.

Our services

  • Receive an official letter of admission from the university concerned.
  • Support facility for students at the airport.
  • Wide help desk for the student on immigration.
  • Arrange for student card, hostel card and international student card.
  • Assistance for visa renewal throughout the study period.
  • Individual assistance to student rooms
  • Special orientation programs are organized for international students so that they can mix with the local environment.
  • We act as a student tutor throughout the course.