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Study MBBS In Nepal To Make Your Dream Come True

In this article, we can see the benefits, eligibility criteria, and admission procedure for studying mbbs in Nepal.


Nepal is officially known as the federal democratic republic of Nepal. The neighboring countries of Nepal are China and India. The country of Nepal is divided into seven states. It is the birthplace of the legend Buddha who is a founder of Buddhism. The culture followed in Nepal is similar to the Tibet. The capital of Nepal is known as Kathmandu. Most of the peoples come to Nepal to enjoy the natural Scenery and to furnish the religion of Buddha. The Education sector is grown rapidly in Nepal. Mostly Indians like to study mbbs in Nepal. This country experiences a moderate climate with four main seasons such as summer, Monsoon, Spring, and winter. The climatic conditions in Nepal are also suitable for the peoples who come from abroad for various reasons such as tour, religion, education, and many more. These pleasant climatic conditions are due to the presence of hilly and mountainous regions. The government of Nepal also provides enormous facility to the students who have come from various places to study medicine

Benefits of doing MBBS in Nepal:

In this topic, we can see the various benefits you will get while studying mbbs in Nepal are listed below in detail.

01  Documentation is less:
The documentation process for the students who are studying their graduation in Nepal is simple and easy. There is no need for any high documentation process. The government of Nepal provides more facilities to the students to complete their graduation in a hassle-free manner.
02 Fees structure is low:
As there are top medical colleges it consumes only less amount of fees from the students and provides the high quality of education when compared to the other countries. In top medical colleges the total tuition fee is maximum 30Lakhs and in the government universities, the fees structure is 20,000 per year.
03  ​ Visa is not required
One of the greatest benefits for the Indian students while studying in Nepal is there is no need for a visa for traveling from India to Nepal irrespective of the time period they are studying.
04  No need of entrance exam:
: There is no need for any entrance or admission test conducted in universities of Nepal for studying MBBS. And they will not consume any donation from you while getting admitted to the college
05  The similarity of course:
: The syllabus or the curriculum followed in Nepal is similar to the curriculum followed in India. Hence after completion of the course, you have lots of carrier opportunities all over the world.
06  No language barrier:
For studying mbbs in Nepal there is no language barrier, you are permitted to speak in English or Hindi. As the next most spoken language in Nepal is English and Hindi.
07  The similarity of culture:
Nepal, cultural behavior is the same as the Indians. Therefore the students from India get adapted to their culture easily. The students are also allowed to celebrate their cultural festivals in Nepal without any obligations.
These are the reasons why a number of students are interested to choose Nepal for doing their higher studies. All the faculties of the medical university of Nepal are more supportive of the students who are come from abroad.

Eligibility criteria and the duration for studying MBBS in Nepal:

In this topic, we can see the eligibility criteria and the duration formed universities of Nepal for doing mbbs in Nepal.

  • To join the mbbs course in Nepal, one has to completed 10th + 12th with subjects such as Biology, physics, chemistry, and English on a minimum percentage of 50%. And the student should complete the age of 17.
  • The duration for completing the MBBS course in Nepal is six years that is 5 years for studies and one year for internship training. During the internship program, they are allowed to get practice on the clinics and the hospitals. To get trained as a successful doctor you should have a better practice before getting into the professional field. This training is given by the universities of Nepal.

These are the eligibility criteria for getting admitted into the courses of medicine.

Things required for getting admission:

For getting admission from the top medical universities of Nepal, you should have some of the important documents. The important documents are listed below.
  • The 10th and 12th standard mark sheet.
  • Transfer certificate.
  • Migration certificate.
  • Nationality certificate: for this, you can give nationality certificate, or candidate’s personal identification proof, or the passport copy.
  • The envelope with the size of 10*22.5 and it should be self-addressed. This can be used by the medical university for acknowledgment.
  • The school leaving certificate from the high school which should include the age and the signature of the institution head.
These are the various documents needed for the admission of the mbbs in Nepal.

Facilities and Curriculum provided to the students in Nepal:

For the students who have chosen medicine course in Nepal has the following subject pattern and curriculum. The various subjects covered in the Course of mbbs in Nepal are Community medicine, Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Pathology, Microbiology, Forensic medicine, Otorhinolaryngology, Medicine, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology. The various facilities provided by the medical university of Nepal to the students are listed below in detail.
  • Accommodation: They provide hostel facilities for the students who have come from India with all the necessary things like food, internet, and the other things which are required for living in Nepal.
  • Library: The library of the medical university in Nepal is facilitated with more than 10,000 books and are available for 24 hours for accessible by the medical students. Apart from this, they are also provided with a proper internet connection, computer rooms, and the CD-ROM etc.
  • Extra-curricular activities: Apart from the studies it has organized many extra-curricular activities like health camps, conferences, medical camps, conferences, and medical conferences for the development of the welfare of the
  • Transportation: The medical university in Nepal has a rule that the students who are studying there should stay in the hostel compulsorily. So they provide transport facility from the hostel to the university.
These are the various facilities provided by Nepal University to the students for the ease of study. The students can utilize these services for free

Passing criteria for MBBS in Nepal:

The passing percentage of Nepal is better than other countries like Russia, China, and Germany. The ratio of a number of students passed to the number of students passed in the MCI screening test keeps on increasing year by year. Therefore coaching in excellent in Nepal, because of this reason most of the students choose to do mbbs in Nepal. Best universities in Nepal: In this topic, we can see the top universities in Nepal for studying MBBS.
  • Janaki medical college
  • Universal college of medical science.
  • Manipal college of medical sciences.
  • Gandaki Medical College.
  • Chitwan Medical College.
  • Kist medical college.
  • Nepalgunj medical college.
  • National medical college.
  • Birat Medical college.
  • Devdaha medical college.
These are the top medical colleges available in Nepal to provide excellent coaching for the students. These colleges will never ask you donation fee or to write the entrance exams for getting admitted in their colleges.

Challenges faced by the students in MBBS in Nepal:

The various challenges faced by the students who are studying mbbs in Nepal are given below.
  • Improper division of university locations: As all the top medical universities of Nepal are located in the capital city Katmandu where it cost more for living and food when compared to the other cities. Therefore we should spend more amount for living in Nepal.
  • Online support is weak: There is no centralized system in Nepal therefore new syllabus is not implemented in those medical colleges. They follow the only traditional method of learning. Because of this, it has low international stress.
  • Teaching staffs are not experienced: For teaching MBBS one needs more experience in teaching, but in Nepal, there are no such experienced persons for teaching MBBS.
  • The syllabus is not updated: Changing the syllabus in a rotational method and real-time practical experiments makes it interesting to study medicine. But the syllabus in the medical universities of Nepal are not updated, they stick to the same syllabus. Because of this, the students who are mbbs in Nepal feel bored and not satisfied with their studies.
These are some challenges faced by students while studying medicine in Nepal. But the universities in Nepal will help you to manage the challenges and makes a comfortable atmosphere for studying.

Other services provided for students in Nepal:

In this topic, we can see the services provided for the student from the admission until the course completion. The services are listed one by one in detail.
  • They provide you counseling regarding the post graduation studies about which place is better and what things you should do to get admission easily for PG courses in other countries and many other things.
  • They provide you perfect guidance regarding the FMGE pass percentage and what percentage you should get to be admitted in the top colleges for PG courses.
  • They provide you assistance regarding the use of the best quality study material and conduct coaching for scoring high in the MCI screening test.
  • They also provide complete help for making good documentation, visa insurance, and other things related to medical courses.
These are the best services provided in Nepal for the students with complete security and safety purposes of the student.

Comparing the cost of MBBS in Nepal to the MBBS in Abroad:

In this topic, we can see the cost of studying mbbs in Nepal to other countries. Various reasons are given below.

  • It is the best place for studying MBBS for Indian students when compared to other countries because of the various reasons such as free visa and many other facilities.
  • It has introduced many innovative ideas to develop the medical study in Nepal from 2018.
  • It is one of the best countries to study all types of educational programs due to its best environment and mountainous regions.
  • No donation fee is collected from any students who are admitted in the medical course in universities of Nepal.
  • The fee in Nepal is less when compared to other countries like India, Ukraine, Russia, and Georgia.
  • They provide you clear information regarding the rules and regulations of the medical colleges in Nepal.
  • The safe arrival and departure from college to the hostel with a trusted employee.
  • They always keep in touch with the parents whose students are studying in Nepal about their studies and other important this related to their students.

These are the advantages of medical courses in Nepal when compared to other countries.


Nepal is the best place and provides a comfortable infrastructure for studying. You can choose this Country for studying MBBS without any doubt. They provide all kinds of facilities for studying MBBS here. You can feel comfortable while staying in Nepal with your own culture and festival. You can study medical syllabus in the English language which is comfortable for students from various countries. As the peoples of Nepal are well familiar with the languages such as English and Hindi you can easily communicate with other persons in Nepal. Hence study MBBS in Nepal and make your dream of becoming a medical specialist come true. The main benefit of the students studying in Nepal is the universities of Nepal are recognized by the medical council of India and other international medical bodies such as world health organization, FAIMER, and MCI. Therefore the curriculum of the subject is well framed and the facilities provided by them to the students from abroad are safe and secure.